Daniel Murrell was born on June 17 1984, and is a renaissance man in every sense of the phrase. He is a poet, playwright, gamer, sustainer, artist, and cartoonist; which essentially translates into an unfocused go-getter. He went to high school like the rest of us, and promptly attended the University of California, Irvine. There, he wrote a lot of essays on why English is like the best language ever, and graduated completely honor free. After discovering that art is a most profitable endeavor known to man, he began work on the comic that would become America’s most favorite comic featuring large white spaces. Daniel both draws and writes “Never You Mind” along with the help of his friend, Laurie. He tries his best on the comic, and is usually pleased with the results. He has a beautiful aerospace engineer girlfriend named Leah who visits him whenever she can. In his free time he enjoys video games, websites, and hamburgers. When he’s not at work or having fun, he’s usually sleeping.

Feel free to send him an email at “toasterfire” at gmail.com

Comments, criticisms, abstract poetry written in Spanish, he really doesn’t care.
Laurie Kosman. Editor. Webmaster. Guest Artist. Level 10 Elf Paladin Queen. Inventor of the camera pay-phone. Headmistress at the house of the Burning Marshmallows. I think she also holds the record for eye lazer competitions. There are other things but they escape me at the moment. - Daniel

My intro: young, artistic monkey-behind-the-wheel kind of girl. I love Never You Mind, especially Shawn, and I've been there since the beginning. College graduate, lazy organizaholic, anime watcher, Victorian era enthusiast, and editor slash designer or something of nUm HQ. I've done precious little web paging for the site, but most of its backbone is mine. My art is less comicky and more animey, for my shame, but I'll make various attempts to dupe you all into thinking that I am good at what I do. So good, in fact, you won't notice when I dispose of that 'renaissance' guy and pretend to be him and continue the comic.

If you have a plan along those lines, or would like to split a soda, talk about theme songs, or comment on our work, shoot me an arrow at "lunabunny" at gmail.com

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