And Now, The Great and Impressionable Cast Page
Nathan Landers: Possibly the main character of Never You Mind, but we won't take that bet. Nathan’s attributes include video game connoisseur, English affiliate, and all around kick about. He mostly spends time with his roommates, who are his best friends in the end. Honest, trusting, and a bit quirky, Nathan is hoping for a grand adventure, but would much rather receive it vicariously.
Melissa Janowski: Melissa tries her best to maintain some level of control of the aparment, but often fails. She enjoys cooking, reading, cleaning, and anything that keeps her busy. While she often seems intolerant of the two boys living across the hall, there’s clearly some kind of connection there that keeps her around. It isn’t really obvious what plans Melissa has for the future. We’ll just have to wait and see.
Shawn MacArthur: Shawn’s trouble. He’s also Nathan’s roommate. Shawn can be a manner of ass on occasion, but he’s pretty loyal to his friends when it comes down to it. Yes, he’s been known to start fires and throw things into the pool, but who hasn’t? Shawn’s a red-haired romantic, with the horse and hat ready to go. But until then, he’s just content to be nonchalant about everything.
Sandra Bianchi: There is quite a bit of mystery surrounding Sandra. Melissa’s roommate is a mystic who dabbles in alchemy, astrology, and the theater. She has infamously held fortune sessions in their room, and her methods are less than orthodox. Sandra prefers to spend her time with her numerous stage friends, but she also enjoys the company of her roommates as well.

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