The Dannian-Curio Period: (1591 - 1625)
At the turn of the sixteenth century, a slow swelling of talent massed in the lower region of the world. Widely considered an age of "sporatic bits of essential nothing," this exhibit introduces our guests to the Gallery, and subsequently makes them less critical of the rest of the museum.
The Laurel Leaf Collection (1780 - 1821)
This is the collection to beat.... with a stick! Ha ha, no... we kid the Laurel Leaf Collection. We and the collection go way back, like, Renaissance times!
This exhibit need's laurie's love!
Art of the Fanatics (1846 - 1847)
This particular exhibit was donated by our wonderful contributors. For through their sweat and cries of anguish, all of this was made possible. The art of the Fanatics reflects a boldening moment of pause before impressionists ran the world rampant with greed and blurriness.
The Forothers Period (1890 - 1911)
This period didn't really bring much change to the whole formula. It was mostly a lot of stuff that had been done before. In fact, we don't know why we're bothering to call it a period at all.

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